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02/20/2006: "Good Karma"


I've gotten some good karma this month - I've taken on 3 pro bono cases and solved two of them, not bad huh? It's nice to give something back. smile

Anyway, that's my good deeds for the year done. As I only do this work part-time I'm only going to accept paying clients from now on. So please no more statements like "Oh, I didn't realise you have to pay" ... the prices are clearly displayed on every webpage where you can use the email form.

I've also been watching two PI related shows on the TV (on BRAVO in the UK) - "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and "Parco PI".

"Dog the bounty hunter" is a really great reality program about a hawaian bounty huner who employs many of the tricks we PIs keep in our toolbox. I really liked it. wink . The theme tune is even written by Ozzy osbourne!

"Parco PI" was just abit too dramatised for my liking. It shows a Real PIs cases in the USA but they all seems to be reconstructed for TV and they just look badly acted. It takes away from the good investigative work involved in my opinion.

Anyway, that's my blog post done for this week.

Here's a shoutout to chris who I think is the only regular reader of my blog ! rolls eyes

Thanks for reading,