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March 2006

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03/13/2006: "Tracing People in Scotland"


Well, this week my main challenges were tracing people in Scotland (part of the UK for the Americans reading this). The trouble with Scottish records is they are not available online at all, unlike the records for England or Wales (the rest of the UK). So tracing people in scotland is slightly more expensive, as I have to go to another city's library to search the records or hire someone to go there and do the search for me.

I've managed to get several proffesional record searches who do this type of work for other PIs to do it for me as well, so I can trace people in scotland for only a 20 additional record searching cost (the usual prices still apply - 29.99 upfront and a further 69.99 only if successful).

--- UK Criminal Records ---

I've also got several requests for criminal record checks in the UK this week. Access to criminal records is only available once the person has signed a disclosure form. They also cost 50 to process, this is the processors fee and not mine so an aditional 39.99 for the rest of the background check would still apply.

--- USA Background Checks ---

My USA PI contact - Rollie - will take on any USA Background checks you require. For prices and what can be obtained email him using the contact for on this webpage:-

USA Background Checks

Thanks for reading.