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05/21/2006: "Entrapment or "honey trap" investigations"


I thought I should just point out that no reputable investigation agency is going to take part in so called "honey trap" investigations. Honey trap investigations involve an undercover (and usually attractive) agent approaching your husband/wife/partner with the intention of flirting with them to see if they will take the bait or remain faithful.

I've been asked a few times if I could arrange such an investigation, and there are still a few investigation agencies who do these kind of assignments. I always refuse to do so, mainly for the following reasons that I think make "honey traps" both unethical and not accurate.

1) You are not investigating to find out if a state of affairs is true or false, you are in effect creating a state of affairs on your own.

2) Some investigators will use models and very attractive women in these assignments, and I can tell you now, every man in the world will flirt back with them and talk themselves up abit (probobly lying). So what the subject says can't really be taken as truthful.

3) The fact that they might consider cheating on you with this beauty does not mean they usually would, or ever have.

Also, the investigation associations I belong to have said that honey traps are bad for business all round, as the media will almost certinly pick up on rogue investigations like this when they go wrong and give all PIs a bad name.

Anyway, so now you know why not to bother with these investigations.

Thanks for reading,