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09/23/2006: "Uk Private Investigator Blog - "Website Design Service""


I thought I'd let you know that I'm moving into the website design business smile

While promoting my uk people search services I've learned alot about designing websites and optimizing them for the search engines. My Investigations business has been going from strength to strength, but as with all small businesses there's always those days when you've only got a few hours work. So I'm going to fill that time with webdesign activities and hopefully start another income stream.

I'm setting my prices very low to start off with, just 39.99 for a website. I'm keeping the price low for now so I can build up a portfolio of websites that I've designed. Check it out on my new small business website:-

Website Design Services

Also, I think that this month has been the most successful month for my people searching business. I've maintained a 80% success rate this month but I've also gotten at least 1/4 mor ebusiness than I've ever has previously.

I hope it continues,