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10/21/2006: "UK Private Investigator's Blog - "Write to your MP???""

There has been a growing cry for UK private investigators to write, en masse, to their local Mps. This is the first time this has ever happened in the history of the industry.

In the United States the private investigation and security sectors constantly lobby their mayors and senators in the interests of their industry. Most of their talks focus on freedom of information issues and addressing freedom of speech issues. They are usually joined by several other industry’s lobby groups who share similar concerns.

In the UK, however, the private investigation and security industries rarely become so active politically. Recently the information commissioner’s stance on information gathering has been seen to be overly too harsh in the investigation industry and has merited this mailing “en masse” to MPs.

The main concern of private investigators everywhere is that those people who NEED to gain access to RELEVANT information is not hindered by laws aiming to target information and identity thieves. Surely the government can make the distinction between a common criminal INTENT on stealing your identity and the professionals who are often paid to try and find such individuals by the general public, amongst other legitimate investigations (finding birth parents, insurance fraud investigations etc).