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February 2007

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02/03/2007: "UK Private Investigator Blog - "Cases That Are Becoming More Common""

Hi Folkes,

Over the last couple of months I've saw a sharp rise in the amount of housing forms and tenants that hire me to try and track down a missing property owner. It's often a legal requirement that the tenent or housing firm hire an investigator to try and locate the owner of a property and place local newspaper ads to try and alert him to the legal case. Often I provide a detailed report to the client who then shows it in court (along with evidence of local newspaper ads) as proof of them having tried to find the owner of the property. Usually this will be sufficient for the judge to move the case forward. If you're interested in the servic ejust gove me an email using the ocntact page of this website.

Another type of investigation that's becoming more common is hiring an investigator to find a missing husband/wife (usually they've been out of contact for 5-10 years) so that the court can start divorce proceedings. My report could also be submitted along with evidence of newspaper ads and statements by the wife/husband's family as evidence that they can't be located. This will often allow the judge to grant a divorce, but there's other legal hoops you have to go through to be divorced without the other party preset. Again if you're interested in this service just email me using the form on the contact page.