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06/03/2007: "UK Private Investigator Blog - "Nigerian Scam Alert""


I've gotten several emails lately from concerned women who have joined dating websites and have then had a man try to charm them into ending him money. There's a common thread to all this - he lives in Nigeria, tells the women he loves them, and usually says the money is required to get medical treatment for a family member.

The scammers also pose as Europeans or Americans who have travelled to Nigeria, i.e. they don't come from there. It should be obvious that this is false and they are infact Nigerian. You can always use your local knowledge to try and test them, although remember that a lot of European and American information is available online - i.e. a town's landmarks and bars.

Some of these scammers pick a handful of women as targets and then build up a relationship with them online before asking for money, others use the spam email approach. They pay the monthly fee of the dating website needed to contact other members and then contact 100s of them with an introductory email about their plight and see who bites.

There's a topic posted about one scammer on my forum, some of his potential victims started the thread.