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06/30/2008: "UK Private Investigator Blog - "Ozzy PIs find deadbeat dads""


The Australian Human Services Minister, Joe Ludwig, announced that Australian PIs will be employed by the government to trace parents not paying child support. The problem has reached the tune of £1 Billion in the country.

The minister went on to warn those who are behind in their child support payment that "Parents should do the right thing by their kids and give them the level of support they deserve," he said. He also said that parents who don’t pay will face the consequences.

Last year the UK Child Support Agency took similar steps, also hiring PIs to trace “deadbeat dads” that the department was unable to locate and make pay. It’s unknown at this time of all of those parents who owe child support could be eligible to be traced by investigators. It’s very likely that only those that owe over a certain amount will be passed on to Private Investigators, as some outstanding balances wouldn’t justify the PI’s fees.

The federal director of the Shared Parenting Council of Australia pointed out that "deadbeat dads" were rarely to blame for missed payments. The most common causes were misunderstandings between parents, a denial of contact by one parent, or fathers being too poor. He commented "I think before going off and using these draconian measures of surveillance and seizing assets - these are drastic measures - more effort should be made to ease tension between parents and restore contact,".