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07/12/2008: "UK Private Investigator Blog - "Euro data laws""


The UK Information Commissioner recently described European data laws as “no longer fit for purpose”. The statement comes ahead of the commissioner ordering a review of the EU data protection laws, and hiring “Rand Europe” to carry out an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of European data protection laws.

This is not a total surprise, people have been mumbling that current data protection laws in every country from the United States to Romania need to be re-done for the 21st centaury. By that they mean “the computer age” as you’d be surprised how many aspects of data protection laws were made before there was a PC in every house. Some UK laws date back to the late 70s!

Once again though, change for change’s sake is never a good idea and I hope they won’t suddenly put the breaks on the computer age by writing up some draconian throwback laws.

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