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09/21/2008: "UK Private Investigator Blog - "Forensic computing""


I am partnered with several other UK and international firms who can offer forensic computing investigation services. Itís quite a title isnít it? Forensic computing can involve the following investigations:-

1) Hard drive evidence gathering. This is usually used by companies to find out if personnel are stealing company information, it includes details on which files have been accessed at what time, if theyíve been moved to a pen drive or emailed to someone.

2) Email / IM evidence gathering. Worried parents can order this kind of investigation to find out if their child is being the victim of an internet predator. It involves finding and reading chat logs of the childís instant messaging conversations and tracing the person theyíre talking to. Obviously, there have been several high-profile arrests made of predators due to this kind of investigation but thereís still a very real concern about the childís privacy. Usually the investigator will need some additional evidence to support doing this kind of forensic computing and will only tell you if there have been any indecent conversations found, not provide you with a transcript of all of the childís conversations. Companies will also use this kind of investigation on employees they suspect may be stealing clients away form them, obviously they would have to have the employee sign an agreement at the start of employment to say their emails may be monitored.

3) Firewall investigations. Itís not unusual for employees to find ways of circumventing the office firewall and access indecent images or be using the company computer for illegal behaviour. Thatís a worry for most managers as it can open the firm up to embarrassing lawsuits. Such forensic computing would provide a list of firewall violations and what computer on the network they came from.

Remember, computers donít commit crimes - people do.