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December 2008

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12/28/2008: "UK Private Investigator - The Blog"


Many people use my services to find missing people. The most common case I received is finding missing friends of family for private clients. Usually this can be done within 10 days, which is exceptional service as other agencies will take a month or more (and all that time you’re mostly waiting in a que!). I’m working over the festive period so you can get in touch as soon as possible!

My next most common client is the “business client”. Solicitors are who I mainly work for, finding missing heirs to an estate or tracing someone for a variety of legal cases. I occasionally accept some debt related cases, I only trace the person you’ll have to try and collect the debt yourself. I’m eager to help small businesses trace people who owe them money, and think that by moving house they can skip the payment. Believe it or not, some people do that to me! I just trace them and then charge them full price for having to trace them as well. The fee for tracing any debtor can legally be added to their bill when you try to collect, so you’ll get your money back.

I do a lot of work tracing birth parents (usually birth mothers) for adopted persons, and I’m very good at it. I also arrange a contact service free of charge.