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05/10/2009: "UK Private Investigator Blog - “How to prevent being attacked on the street”"


Today’s topic is “How to prevent being attacked on the street”. I’m into martial arts, I’ve been training in several styles for many years. I don’t use them in a business or professional sense, Magnum PI is a myth my friends!

Well, I can’t tell you any martial arts tips in a few paragraphs that you could actually use as a beginner and without visual instruction. You can’t learn to kick ass by reading, one of my friends would say…

What you can learn is some survival tips to PREVENT a confrontation. The biggest killer on the street is surprise. If you are taken by surprise not even a soldier or martial artist can help. As you’re mind reels to take in the situation and by the time you know what’s going on they are walking away with your wallet.

1) Be aware of your surroundings. If you can see a possible attacker coming towards you have time to process the situation and you will not be taken by surprise. People taken by surprise rarely attack and often don’t see punches coming (so they get hit).

2) Stick to crowded areas, there is safety in numbers.

3) Don’t put yourself in situations that have a high chance of you being cornered. There’s a reason rapists hide in alleyways.

4) Project a confident attitude. A mugger will always go for the easy target someone walking along staring at their feet, headphones in and above all someone who looks weak.

5) Keep walking if a stranger tries to stop you. Once stopped the next stage is a confrontation. Usually this means begging for change, but if the motive is attack or mugging then they do this when you’ve been stopped and can be cornered.

6) Above all, muggers and attackers are animals. They often follow the basic animal psychology of attack. They will always posture first, posturing is to make them feel more confident about attacking you. They will talk down to you, stick out their chest, act aggressive. This is all signs that they are building up to attack a weaker opponent. You will be getting hit if you act weak or submissive. They chose YOU to mug, acting weak just makes the mugging easier on them.