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10/19/2010: "SIA Closed due to Spending Cuts"

The Security Inductry Authority (SIA) was a government body set up to try and regulate the private security industry. Their main achievement was requiring all door staff (“bouncers”) to be licensed with them in order to work. The license cost £235 for three years, and had a great effect at getting rid of unscrupulous tough guys and gangsters. Before the licensing system, you could get into fights and still be hired by the employer at their own discretion. Now, if the SIA took away your license it was illegal for you to work in that job.

The SIA was also being pushed to try and set up a licensing system for UK private investigators, mostly by the investigation industry’s own unions and associations who see licensing as a way of improving the industry and putting it on a par with other countries. I ofcourse, agree with them.

The government announced that the SIA is to be closed as part of their cuts program. They were looking into what quangos could be scrapped to save the tax payer money. While the SIA was staffed by administrators and civil servants who had never worked in the security industry (and this led to many annoyances) it was the only attempt made to try and bring licensing to the UK. At the moment the SIA will still operate in Scotland and Northern Ireland, although with it being closed in England and Wales its future doesn’t look bright.