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March 2006

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Sunday, March 26th

Private Investigator Blog - March 26th Update


This week I've been working on a new website dedicated to martial arts, hopefully I'll have it up and running by the end of the month and I'll post a link to it on this blog.


I've had a few emails this week about several USA / UK websites offering customers the ability to "be their own private eye" and search all these secret databases for a one time only payment of $40.

These websites, as my clients soon found out, just offer links to very basic public records websites that you have to pay to access. One guy emailed me saying he'd spent $80 (40) trying to use these sites to "Do It Himself" but found that they were impossible to use.

As with most of these online websites, if you come directly to me first you're going to save money. I have quicker, cheaper access to all these databases, know how to efficiently use them, have access to specialised databases not available to the public and I will make 3-10 searches of each database to investigate. These scam companies will charge you 30 just for one search! And that database is probobly not that useful to your search!!!! crying

Well, you've been warned.


I saw this joke, I think it sounds like some of the people who email me smile

A kid was lost, so he found a police officer and told him, "I've lost my dad!"

The police officer asked, "What's he like?"

The kid replied, "Beer and women!"

ha ha rolls eyes
Andy on 03.26.06 @ 05:17 AM CST [link]

Sunday, March 19th



This week I've been mostly updating my websites and working on my current case load.

If you want to swap links with this website them email me using the form on one of the other pages or go to the links page:-

My Links Page

I'd also like to share a very good resource that everyone online will want to use at some point. The Central Intelligence Agency's world fact book. It contains lots of public information about every country in the world. It is well worth checking out any country you are going to holiday in:-

CIA World Fact Book

Andy on 03.19.06 @ 10:39 AM CST [link]

Monday, March 13th

Tracing People in Scotland


Well, this week my main challenges were tracing people in Scotland (part of the UK for the Americans reading this). The trouble with Scottish records is they are not available online at all, unlike the records for England or Wales (the rest of the UK). So tracing people in scotland is slightly more expensive, as I have to go to another city's library to search the records or hire someone to go there and do the search for me.

I've managed to get several proffesional record searches who do this type of work for other PIs to do it for me as well, so I can trace people in scotland for only a 20 additional record searching cost (the usual prices still apply - 29.99 upfront and a further 69.99 only if successful).

--- UK Criminal Records ---

I've also got several requests for criminal record checks in the UK this week. Access to criminal records is only available once the person has signed a disclosure form. They also cost 50 to process, this is the processors fee and not mine so an aditional 39.99 for the rest of the background check would still apply.

--- USA Background Checks ---

My USA PI contact - Rollie - will take on any USA Background checks you require. For prices and what can be obtained email him using the contact for on this webpage:-

USA Background Checks

Thanks for reading.

Andy on 03.13.06 @ 06:56 AM CST [link]

Monday, March 6th

100% Success!


I'm glad to announce that this week I've successfully traced 100% of the people I've been hired to find! It's not often I can claim a 100% trace success ratio, but for this week I think I just got lucky - most of the cases were pretty straight forward and I caught a break on the harder ones. smile

Oh, and I found a cracking clip from "Family Guy" - it's their funny version of debt collection techniques.

Watch the clip here, ha ha ha

Family Guy Clip - Gimmie my money!


Andy on 03.06.06 @ 05:09 AM CST [link]