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March 2009

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Saturday, March 21st

Birth Parent Searches


If you are from the UK and want to trace your birth parents then youíve come to the right corner of the web. I specialise in this kind of assignment and have personally completed hundreds of such cases.

To get started Iíll need the information on your birth certificate Ė your motherís name, age and address at the time of birth. Any other info is helpful, and I can usually get started without all of the above info as well.

If you were born before 1975, your birth certificate is kept confidential. You canít just apply for it and get it in a week. Even I canít do that either. Your birth record isnít even listed as a public record at all. You must attend a short meeting with a counsellor at your local council before they give you your certificate. This is because at the time of your birth your mum would have been told it was impossible to find her. The law changed on November 1975 after much sustained protests by adoptees. You can now gain access to your records and have the legal right to trace your birth parents.

Give me an email to discuss your case, Iím usually very good at this type of enquiry and Iíll get you on the road to meeting your birth parents.

Andy on 03.21.09 @ 12:38 PM CST [link]