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April 2006

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Sunday, April 30th

Sole-trader checks Now Available! (Uk)


Generally, the longer an investigation agency is established the more and more information they are trusted to access. I now have access to credit databases containing information on millions of sole-trader and limited company credit scores and general information accross the UK.

Most small companies tend to be sole-traders, and their information is protected more than that of publicly traded companies like limited comapnies. Sole-traders are also the hardest businesses to work with sometimes, as they are usually only run by one person and you need to know you can trust that person. I'd need a good reason to do the sole-trader credit check and it would cost an additional 15 ontop of the 39.99 background fee, or 24.99 on its own.

Andy on 04.30.06 @ 05:14 AM CST [link]

Monday, April 17th

UK Investigator Licensing


Everything's been going well this week. Keep the requests for traces coming in and I'll try my best to help you.

I thought I'd post an update for my readers of the current UK proposals and recommendations for the UK private investigator license due to come into force in 2007.

The suggestion that's getting the most attention, and its up on various websites is the 2-tier licence system:-

1 - The Principal's Licence. This would be for the owner of the investigation agency and would have the most background checks associated with it. This is for the person who is the most responsible for investigations.

2 - The Operative's Licence. This would be for the investigators working for the owner of the investigation agency, and would have slightly less checks as they do not own the business. They wouldn't be able to run their own company with this license.

This licensing system is a bit different from the USA, as in America there's only one license for private investigators they don't make distinctions between who works for who.

I'm not really sure that we do need to have 2 separate licenses as all that's going to happen is if the "operative" makes a mistake the owner of the business is going to be punished through the courts as well, though the owner did not make any mistake themselves.

Anyway, I'm just glad we're making progress on the licensing issue smile


Andy on 04.17.06 @ 11:49 AM CST [link]

Sunday, April 9th

Business Promotion


At the moment I'm trying to promote my services to businesses, companies and partner with other webmasters. If your business has a regular need to search for people, then contact me. I can arrange a monthly invoice and a slight discount (my prices are pretty much rock-bottom anyway). Its always better to use a reliable small business for work like this rather than a bigger agency. You'll get to know me personally and I'll go out of my way to provide accurate reports etc whereas bigger agencies have more clients to look after. At the end of the day, your business needs will be more important to me than a bigger agency.

Also, if you'd like to sell my service on your website get in touch. I'd give you a slight discount and allow you to mark the prices up. You could be making 10 per sale, and a further 10 if I'm successful. Remember this is a service people NEED.

Thanks for reading,
Andy on 04.09.06 @ 04:48 AM CST [link]

Sunday, April 2nd

Stars in their eyes


Well, this week I was contacted by a journalist who was making a TV program on adopted adults meeting their biological parents for ths first time. I was asked if I could provide them with any details of my clients (after I checked with them first and they agreed) who would fit the bill in exchange for free publicity.

I decided not to reply to this message as I have to rate my client's confidentiality as paramount. In my line of work you can get your clients into trouble by giving them a business card (as their spouse etc could find it) let alone phoning them up and asking if they would want to be in a TV program.

So I must respectfully decline such offers from journalists.

Andy on 04.02.06 @ 08:32 AM CST [link]