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April 2008

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Saturday, April 19th

UK Private Investigator Blog - "Reporters fight back"


Recently the UK government has dropped implementation of a clause under the data protection act that would make it illegal for journalists to steal data for their investigations. I guess the press backlash was to much for him, makes you think how powerful is our government really when they canít stand up to certain industries? Various security and investigation companies, annoyed that they are being sternly licensed and regulated are now calling this recent development as the journalistís license to steal. Iím sure the lowly newspaper reporter will tell you though, many government and industrial departments refuse to share even the most basic information with them for their stories so sometimes they have no choice if itís in the public interest. Just think of EnronÖ

Apart from that business has been good lately here at and our service is still top-notch - Most people searches are completed in 10 days! Iím also beginning to realise a lot of people are employing my services from their work computers lol :-) . Every time thereís a school holiday and parents need to take time off, or even a bank holiday my number of clients goes down. Iím thinking a lot of people only have the internet in their office.

Keep the people search enquiries coming in, Iím glad to help as long as itís for a legal or ethical purpose.


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