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April 2009

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Wednesday, April 29th

Rescession PI ???

What does the recession mean for private investigators? Well, unlike a lot of other businesses the work doesnít really just end. Instead, it changes from being mostly ďniceĒ work helping clients find missing family members and you end up doing a lot more debt collection work.

Luckily there still seems to be a lot of people willing to pay to have their lost friends and family found at the moment despite the horror stories you hear on the TV. I canít deny that Iíve seen private client work slow down a bit and debt collection work pick up.

Itís important to point out here that most of my debt collection work is for small businesses, not for the faceless corporations repossessing peopleís badly funded houses. My heart goes out to these people and the small business owner. When someone is short for cash they do not miss paying the Sky TV bill , or use the car less or not go to the movies. If they can, a lot of people would rather slide on paying the small business man. Itís like your boss turned up and said ďthanks for the work this month, Iíll get the money to youĒ and then never paid despite promising they would every time you met them. Thatís what the small business owner has to face in abundance in the recession.

I donít do the collection of the debt, most of my clients try to do that themselves or hire it out to professional debt collectors. I am very good at searching for people though.

Andy on 04.29.09 @ 04:25 PM CST [link]

Friday, April 3rd

UK People Search - April Fools


Well, it may have been April fools day this week but the people search statistics I counted were certainly no joke. I have so far completed over 650 people searches since my business started 4 years ago. I have an 83% success rate, which is pretty good considering I often take on the harder cases.

Iíll need to get more clients to leave testimonials on my website forums, at the moment is looks like one in 15 have bothered to leave a short note and of all of them it seems like only the successful trace clients leave a review. I guess itís because they feel I deserve some extra thanks. I would like a few more unsuccessful trace clients to leave a review so itís not so lop sided. Even in cases where I canít trace the person I usually progress the case much further on. Itís not unusual for me to get an email from a client a year later to try the search again and then find the person either.

Iíll need to sort out the USA traces. The dollar has risen against the British pound recently so these cases can be profitable again.


Andy on 04.03.09 @ 11:59 AM CST [link]