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May 2007

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Sunday, May 20th

Data protection act - end of transitional period


The data protection act dictates how businesses and individuals should process other people's information. It came into force in 1984. It was updated in 1998 in order to better fit the new computing business environment.

The government decided on a transitional period that will end on October 2007, after which time if your business is not 100% up to scratch on the new 1998 additions then you can't use the excuse "We were just about to impliment that system" or "it took us awhile to purchase and set up all th erequired compents" as you've had enough time to comply with the act while not endangering your business finances.



Thanks for all the emails recently from new clients wanting to find missing relatives - I guess the summer weather makes you all want to go trips etc with old family and firends. Give me an email if you need a UK missing person found.
Andy on 05.20.07 @ 05:00 PM CST [link]

Sunday, May 6th

UK Private Investigator Blog - "Why hire a professional?"


Recently a few clients have came to me with a request to find someone but they've had bits and pieces done by other "do-gooders" or have themselves went through public records and tried to do a DIY investigation.

You HAVE to be aware of the information laws if you decide to do this or face a 2000+ fine and up to 2 years in prison. It may be public information, but people tend to get a bit upset if they find out their public info is being passed about via email between a "do gooder" and yourself and neither of you are registered with the correct legal bodies to ensure their information is used properly and safeguarded.

Also, when you try to do it yourself using public records you won't know all the ins and outs so your investigation is likely to be quite intrusive. For example finding and lettering/calling the wrong person can cause all sorts of problems for them. Especially if you're trying to find your birth parent and this person's partner opens the letter and takes all this to be true (when in fact you've got the wrong person).

Believe me it's easier, quicker and safer to hire me or another professional to do this for you.


Andy on 05.06.07 @ 07:45 AM CST [link]