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June 2009

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Monday, June 29th

UK Private Investigator Blog - "Turkey Shoot"


Well, Iíve heard it all now! I regularly check my association newsgroups and information sources for private investigator news around the world. There was an incident in Annsville, New York State, USA in late May.

Apparently, a private investigator was sneaking around on a farm in Annsville trying to gather evidence on the owner for a workers compensation claim. The farmer saw what appeared to be a large turkey on his land and grabbed his shotgun and marched off to hunt the bird. He trailed the bird until it saw it enter some woodland bordering his farm and then opened fire on it.

As you may have guessed - it wasnít a turkey, it was the private investigator! The unfortunate PI is in critical condition in hospital from what Iíve heard and the local cops are investigating the farmer. They said in a press statement that although they were suspicious at first, as the farmer could be said to have motive for the attack, they are pretty sure it was an accident. They cautioned the farmer to be more thorough and identify his target better before shooting and they also said that when in woodland people should wear bright colours to avoid such accidents.

I hope the PI makes a full recovery. It's a funny story, but keep in mind someone was seriously injured.


Andy on 06.29.09 @ 03:37 AM CST [link]