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July 2009

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Sunday, July 19th

UK Private Investigation Blog "Taps and bad Pis"


It’s been a busy month for the investigation and security industries! At least for gossip…

The scandal involving journalists tapping celebrities phones and hacking their answering machines drew a stern reply from investigation associations. Journalists and private investigators in their employ were able to hack into celebrities voice mail messages as they had stupidly left the original pre-programmed 1234 password as the answer machine’s entry code. That’s exactly how British scientists broke the enigma code machine in WW2, the Germans had used a very simple 1234 code rather than one of the billions available to them.

The Association of British Investigators made this statement – “The Association shares the public concerns regarding the unlawful practices of persons claiming to be either private investigators or journalists. Despite the introduction of legislation in 2001 that required investigators to be licensed, the profession is still no closer to this happening”.

The call for further licensing of information users such as investigators and journalists was also made by many investigators. The statement was echoed by the other UK investigation associations. It’s always the maverick investigators who are not members of UK investigation associations who do this sort of thing, and they spoil the credibility of real investigators in the process. These acts were so obviously illegal no real investigator would go near them.

Once licensing is started you'll find people commiting such acts are in fact not licensed investigators, but cowboys.


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