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August 2006

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Monday, August 28th

UK Private Investigator Blog - "Ebay Scam Advice"

Online scams are becoming common place. The most common “online fraud” cases private investigators hear about involve ebay sellers and paypal payments. Both companies provide a much needed service on the internet – access to hundreds of cheap auctions as well as quick and secure online payment. However, there's always criminals out there who aim to exploit people.

One of the most common ebay scams involves setting up an auction and then taking payment from a bidder and then not sending the item. You'll soon discover that the address they provided ebay with was fake as well as the name. There is very little private investigators can do to trace people like this.

Often ebay scammers take payment using Paypal as it is more anonymous than accepting a cheque. The best way to protect yourself from these scams is to only buy from trusted ebay sellers, who have a feedback rating of at least 50+ positive entries. Also, look at the feedback levels of the people leaving your seller feedback. If they have 50 entries from people who have less than 50 feedback entries themselves then be wary. Many scammers will open a large amount of accounts so as to leave their main scamming ebay account some feedback.

For expensive items, send them a cheque as it has to be made out to a named person who has a bank account and sent to an address. Both of these factors will help private investigators trace the scammer to their new location.
Andy on 08.28.06 @ 04:55 AM CST [link]

Tuesday, August 15th

UK Private Investigator Blog - "Finding Email Addresses"


I usually get a few emails asking me to find someone's email address. There's not much information available to find an email address (there's no "phone book" or complete database containing listings of email addresses).

There are a few databases put together by enthusiasts that 1000s of people have submitted their emails addresses to. Occasionallt an emaila ddress can be found in the search engines, but I stress the word "occasionally".

Here's some links that may help you. Remember that with a full name, DOB or previous address I stand a good chance of finding the person's new home address for you. Contact me through the main website -

Some email database and meta search engine links:-


Andy on 08.15.06 @ 07:42 AM CST [link]