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August 2007

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Saturday, August 18th

UK Private Investigator Blog - "PI Association Council Election"


The current Chairman, John Edwards, and Vice-Chairman, Matt Thomas, of the Worlad Association of Private Investigators have decided not to stand for re-election. I think all investigators, including myself, thank them for putting the time and effort into running the association. The next elections are being held in October.

I'd also like to draw reader's attentions to the developments in the licensing of Private Investigators, which is coming up in 2008. You'll require a licence to search for people or perform a range of investigative activities.

It seems that investigators will have to pay an intital 1500 fee, which includes training fees and sitting a test before applying for your license. With PIs having to spend 1500 every 3 years, I can pretty much guarentee you that prices accross the industry will rise, this fee essentially being passed on to the customers.

So don't leave people search enquiries off for a year or you'll need to pay more for it, no matter who you hire.


Andy on 08.18.07 @ 07:16 AM CST [link]

Thursday, August 2nd

Uk Private Investigator Blog - "Who do I search for?"


Usually I search for missing family members, missing friends, debtors, missing business associates, ex-wives/husbands and heirs.

I also search for people with whom my clients have lost touch, old friends and aquantiences. I often get emails asking me if I can search for these people as they're not "missing" just out of contact. Yes I can, but usually I have to contact them first by letter or phone to make sure they want to reveal their address to you. I'll pass on a note from you to them so they know the enquiriy is genuine.

Anyway, give me an email if you're interested in hiring me.

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Andy on 08.02.07 @ 08:05 AM CST [link]