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October 2007

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Tuesday, October 2nd

Uk Private Investigator Blog - "Madeleine McCann Investigation"


I'm sure you've all heard of the missing girl Madeleine McCann on the news! Her story is one that has shocked the world, especially the UK. There has been some debate amoungst investigation groups about wither or not there needs to be a change to Portugese laws (and indeed other countrys as well) on the hiring of private investigators during a police investigation.

At the moment, in Portugal it is illegal to hire a private investigator to launch an investigation while the police also have an inestigation running. The same law also applies in other EU coutnries, Slovenia being one that I know of. Only when the police finish their job can the family hire a PI.

That sounds stange to me. How can laws deny the "human right" to engage alternatives to the Police to investigate a crime? Especially when the police are focusing on trying to convict the parents! Not on finding Maddie! The option to hire someone to investigate matters which may prove an alibi, find a missing girl or get to the truth of the matter is paramount.

It appears the McCanns are lucky they are UK citizens and are therefore able to hire security firms to search for their missing daughter, this law could have become a very worrysome burden if they happened to live in a country where it applied.

Fingers crossed Madeleine McCann is found soon! -

Andy on 10.02.07 @ 10:04 AM CST [link]