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November 2009

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Tuesday, November 3rd

UK Private Investigator Blog - "Criminal Records Kept for 100 years"


It was widely reported in the UK media that five individuals who had criminal records for petty crime had taken the police to court and won the case. The police were told that keeping a criminal record of someone who stole a 99 pence packet of meet in 1984 when they were a teenager was not fair to the person in adult life as this criminal record stopped them getting many jobs.

The result of this ruling meant that the police would have to delete many criminal records of a similar nature. However, recently the police won their appeal and have been allowed to keep such criminal records on file for 100 years.

A police spokesman commented that “ This data assists police officers in their work in preventing crime and protecting the public ”. The Association of Chief Police Officers supported the judgement, saying that "the ramifications of losing the appeal were potentially huge".

However, human rights protest groups opposed the decision. A spokesman for the Liberty group said that under the current laws “people will be forever haunted by the minor indiscretions of their youth”

I hope everyone has a fun fireworks night in the UK,

Andy on 11.03.09 @ 11:00 AM CST [link]