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December 2005

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Monday, December 26th

Check-a-Tramp Online Search

I just found out that a USA website has put a database of convicted prostitutes online (in the state of Nevada only). They're asking visitors to check if they're girlfriend is a "tramp". Ha Ha ha, it's cheered me up.

If only we this in the UK!!!!! LOL

Quote - "Does your girldfriend know one too many tricks?"
Andy on 12.26.05 @ 08:38 AM CST [link]

Tuesday, December 20th

Christmas Private Investigation Statistics.

I was sent a promotional email containing the following statistics by an investigation company I network with.

82% of people use christmas to get in contact with lost friends / family.

62% of people try to trace people at this time of year.

66% of people write but don't post Christmas cards because of out of date addresses.

I'm not sure as to how they conducted this study, they probobly asked visitors to their website and clients to fill out questionaires - so I'm not sure how representative it is of the general population. One thing's for sure though - there are certinly more people wanting to trace missing family and friends at christmas! I've noticed an increase in the amount of correspandance and cases I'm getting since the start of December.

Some more statstics - According to the salvation army, 27 per cent of Britons have lost touch with a family member. Three quarters of people who wish to trace a family member have not yet made an effort to locate them.

Hope you all have a good christmas!


Andy on 12.20.05 @ 06:36 AM CST [link]