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December 2006

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Saturday, December 16th

UK Private Investigator Blog - "SIA Licensing"

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is responsible for the new licensing of the security industry (security guards, bouncers etc). And they've recently taken a few security companies to court because theyve not yet got licenses for their employees and they've been sending them to work.

The average penalties are 1000 fines per person working unlicensed and an assortment of other fines.

Hopefully there aren't many security companies operating without a license in the UK anymore.

Andy on 12.16.06 @ 08:32 AM CST [link]

Saturday, December 2nd

Private Investigator Blog - "USA Department of Justice Stats"


The United States Department of Justice has released its yearly prison-related statistics, and as always they're interesting reading! ... in a kind of morbid way.... rolls eyes

1) 14 U.S. States had prisoner population increases of at least 5%? So who had the boggest increase this year? Where would you not want to be a criminal??? South Dakota - a 11.9% increase!

2) 11 U.S. States had prisoner population decreases, led by Georgia who had a 4.6% decrease.

3) The amount of prisoners on probation grew by 5% this year, that's 19, 070 extra probationers in the USA. Sounds a lot but that's the smallest increase in the last 26 years!

4) The amount of prisoners on parole in 2005 increased by 1.6%. That's 12,556 more parolees.

5) The amoutn of prisoners with AIDs is also counted. In the last year the amoutn of HIV positive prisoners decreased by 2.6%. Overall, the Rate of AIDs related deaths in State prisons decreased in 2004.

Like I said, interesting reading.... but slightly morbid...

Andy on 12.02.06 @ 06:58 AM CST [link]