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December 2008

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Sunday, December 28th

UK Private Investigator - The Blog


Many people use my services to find missing people. The most common case I received is finding missing friends of family for private clients. Usually this can be done within 10 days, which is exceptional service as other agencies will take a month or more (and all that time youíre mostly waiting in a que!). Iím working over the festive period so you can get in touch as soon as possible!

My next most common client is the ďbusiness clientĒ. Solicitors are who I mainly work for, finding missing heirs to an estate or tracing someone for a variety of legal cases. I occasionally accept some debt related cases, I only trace the person youíll have to try and collect the debt yourself. Iím eager to help small businesses trace people who owe them money, and think that by moving house they can skip the payment. Believe it or not, some people do that to me! I just trace them and then charge them full price for having to trace them as well. The fee for tracing any debtor can legally be added to their bill when you try to collect, so youíll get your money back.

I do a lot of work tracing birth parents (usually birth mothers) for adopted persons, and Iím very good at it. I also arrange a contact service free of charge.


Andy on 12.28.08 @ 02:56 AM CST [link]

Sunday, December 14th

UK Private Investigator Blog - "Merry christmas"


Christmas and new year is upon us, and many people visiting this website will we wanting to get back in touch with lost friends and family. I can help you, I am a professional people finder covering the whole of the UK.

Iím also working over the festive period, except Christmas day and New Years day. So you can be assured of quick and friendly service during the holidays.

This has been a bad year for all of us financially, with the oil prices, the economy slow down and the credit crunch. Iíve decided not to raise my prices until the end of January 2009, as this is a busy period and I want to help as many people as I can. Iíve not raised my prices since 2007.

So contact me now to discuss your case, and get my service at 2007 prices!

Merry Christmas everyone! Iíll try to ignore the many emails Iíll get asking me to trace Santa as he never showed up this yearÖlol


Andy on 12.14.08 @ 03:52 AM CST [link]