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December 2010

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Sunday, December 19th

Merry Xmas and Happy 2011

Merry Christmas and happy new year! Many of my clients will have a great start to 2011, as there's always the “Christmas Rush” to get in contact with long lost friends and family at this time of year. So don't delay, give me an email and I can try and locate them for your new year reunion!

I am working through the festive holidays as usual, I'm only taking Christmas day and new years day off.


On another subject, there's been a few requests this month asking me to re-do investigations that other PIs have failed to be successful in. It is true that investigative techniques and skill vary widely between investigative agencies - there's no set path into this industry and no standard training course. I will take such cases on, but I want to be clear about the chance of success being significantly smaller if some other PI has looked at the case and couldn't achieve a result. It is a good idea to send me any report from previous investigators, so I don't end up spending my time and your money pursuing avenues of investigation that have already been done.

The good news is that with my fee structured in a small upfront amount and then a larger amount ONLY if successful, it's worth letting me look at such cases.

Andy on 12.19.10 @ 02:56 AM CST [link]