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These reviews were left by real people on our online forum:

Electric-John - "thank you for finding my old work friend."

Colin - "Thanks for finding my birth mother."

G.Campbell - "found one of my best mates, served in the army together."

Bambi2000 - "helped with my family tree and searching for my 2nd cousins."

JennyHastings - "Great work tracking down my british aunt..."

DolanM - "I recommend your services to anyone wanting to arrange a reunion."

We upgraded our forum software in June 2012 so all the previous testimonials were lost.

Here's a list of some of them:

Alison - "the help I recieved from Andy was fantastic!"

Eve - "It was very worthwhile."

Jo Day - "Many, many thanks, I shall be recommending you"

Louise - "I would definately use this service again, payment is easy don't be wary."

Jill - "Thanks for helping me trace this person, and for the speedy result"

Seabreeze - "What a wonderful person you are to be able to bring such happiness"

Greg - "Spent 25 years searching...He found them in about 2 days."

ChelmerHousing - "Thanks for the work providing details of a tenant involved in fraud"

TomM - "Very Good Service"

gsnake - "Very professionally done, Andy!"

Maxine K - "Located a missing family member within hours"

Chris - "Speedy and Efficient Service"

Ian -"Very good indeed recommend this man 100%"

Satisfied - "Thanks Andy - you were so fast and efficient."

SaJane - "I would highly recommend, and know where to come if i ever have to trace someone again."

Greg - "Asked Andy to find someone I lost touch with over 25 years ago..He found them in about 2 days"

SuzanneLj - "Thank you so much for finding the person we've been searching for for 16 years"

Sukicat - "What a service, found my missing cheating ex in 1 day. Excellent!"

Emma D - "Andy managed to trace my ex partner's family within 48 hours"

People Search Stats
  • Over 900 people searches completed.
  • 86% Success rate
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We are members of the World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI) and the Scottish Investigators Forum (SIF).

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People Search Payment

We accept online payment by most major credit cards and also Paypal and Nochex.

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Do you need to locate someone?

Finding this website was a good start! We are professional people searchers, covering the whole of the UK. This website has been online for over 5 years now, and we have completed more than 900 people searches in Great Britain. As of January 2013 our people search success rate was at 87%.

UK People Search Fees

Our services cost £49.99 upfront and a further £99.99 ONLY if the people search is successful. You are welcome to confirm the newly found person's address before making the final payment.

How do we search for people?

We will check UK public records. This includes birth, marriage and death records. We can do this for England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland.

Next we will search credit databases. These are specialist people search databases not available to the public.

This is a through investigation, we will phone contacts and write to any leads that can help us locate your missing person. We always ask the client's permission to make any contact.

The results of the search will be in a detailed report, that goes over what has been done to search for the person, and what we found out. If the search is unsuccessful you'll still get the full report, we won't just say "People Search Unsuccessful" like other agencies.

Our UK people search service is completely confidential. No-one will know you're a client of ours unless you give your permission.

Why hire us for People Searches?

Open your Yellow Pages and call a detective agency. When they quote you £500 for a UK people search, remember we charge only £150 all in. And £50 if unsuccessful to cover our time.

Our clients are always given a detailed report of what was done and any possible leads generated. You would be surprised how many other people search companies will say “If we told you what we've done, you wouldn't need to hire us”. That doesn't make sense, you need more than some basic knowledge to search for people in the UK and the general public don't have access to a lot of the databases we do. Not to mention we can do it cheaper than it would cost a amateur.

You only pay the additional £99.99 if the search is successful, and you are welcome to verify the details we provide you with before doing so.

Who is UK People Search?

This website ( is owned and operated by A.D. Enquiries, a small business specialising in people searching for the UK. We also offer other investigative services that our business clients require. Our business was founded in February 2005 with the aim of offering a budget people search service for both business clients and the general public. It is important to us that we provide clients with value for money and actual investigations.

The benefits of locating a missing family member or friend are worth many times more than our people search fees. Our upfront fee guarantees you that we will actually check every nook and cranny to find your missing person. If you only want to pay for a successful people search, why would anyone bother to investigate if it was a hard case? That's just more money down the drain if they're not found. Be smart, hire us!

We provide a full report on our activities, and we buy public record searches in bulk so we SAVE you money compared to trying to do the people search yourself. We are professionals, we know the various information laws that govern people searches and records access.

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